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Plexi Installation 2017

The installation embraces mistakes. The mistake is translated in a coffee stain which provides the warm yellow color on the transparent material. The transparent material allows light to pass what reminds the viewer of a colored round window of a church. The sunlight shining through the window represents God entering the holy building. So this contrasted equation provides a holy coffee stain which relates to the beauty of making mistakes.


The black lines in the front try to hide this warm yellow glow which represents society not allowing us to make mistakes, which disturbs our process of growing. Society can’t see the beauty of making mistakes.

Each piece has a print run of 5 pcs.

An entire archive is designed out of this piece, realized during my 3 months residency in Poland 

The visual language of the plexi installation is the perfect form to enhance an archive. 

As a scenographer i feel that the strength of this specific way of making lies in the short duration of existence. All ideas, work and effort is compressed in a few days and hours of visibility to take it back down like it never existed.

During the process of research and creation I keep little essences to hold an archive.

This archive resonates in the form of the plexi installation. The transparency gives space to layer and overlap all different projects I’ve worked on. In this form I can embrace all my temporary work and create one. 


Climate change and humanity lay at the base of my work so indirectly these themes will also resonate through this installation.

printed plexi archive - nr. 3 embroidery research - 45cm diameter

embroidery 2 .jpg
embroidery detail.jpg

printed plexi archive - nr. 2 water research - 45cm diameter

jellyfish 1.jpg
jellyfish 2.jpg
jellyfish 3.jpg

printed plexi archive - nr. 4 floral research, nectarine clementine - 45cm diameter

bloemen plexi.jpg
bloememn plexi 2.jpg
DSC_0112 kopiëren.jpg
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