Pink Atmosphere 2019

Welcome in my atmosphere, my space, my cocoon, my foundation.

How much is this my place when everybody can enter this environment? How open can u be on a personal level for the outside world? 


In my space I embroider. Without an idea, pattern or plan the repetitive thread meanders though the satin fabric. The extreme boring operation is searching for a foundation; a foundation where I can give myself the opportunity to be one with my movement, isolated from society, disconnected from my wearing phone and apart from the last annoying, worrying thought. 


My pink atmosphere represents my weakness for environments and gives me the opportunity to erase any distraction. It provides a moment to be one on one with my work, the same work that gives me the opportunity to be one with myself. 

The colored light is translated as bait that evokes some sort of curiosity. Once u followed your curiosity, the work is right in front of u. You’re forced to see the embroidery up close, what increases this one on one moment.