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Nectarine Clementine

Flower & Styling for private/business events

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Nectarine clementine is the alter ego of me, Fleur Roggeman, an educated sculptor, scenographer and selfmade florist.


By being a skilled sculptor my language is creating art. Color and shapes come natural to me and this is also expressed in my flower arrangements. I see every bouquet as an opportunity to create small, temporary sculptures. 

Since i'm the daughter of a power couple and founders of Nori Catering, I have had many opportunities to assist in the catering business while growing up. Therefore i'm lucky to have experienced an enormous amount of weddings.

The combination of seeing all the 'behind the scenes' on so many occasions and being a skilled sculptor, gives me two big advantages in this business I love so much. 

While working with flowers, i feel an enormous respect and gratitude for nature. 

In my perspective it's important to respect nature to the fullest as florists. That's why I will never work with oase, better known as "floral foam", but will always replace it with natural mosses. Although this requires a more profound effort, from both an ideological and ecological perspective, I find this to be definitely worthwhile. 
I also collaborate with small, organic and local self-picking flower gardens. Being able to support these gardens and to not have to invest in the polluting flower industry too much is a win-win situation for me. And I get to pick every flower myself! In my other practice I work as a scenographer so I'm used to work in black boxes with no daylight and being constantly surrounded by cables. So to be able to get my scissors out and dive into these gardens is a form of therapy for me. 
It's clear that local flower gardens only have seasonal flowers and don't have the widest product range to offer. For that reason, I supplement with flowers from the wholesale range, because I will always strive to create the perfect setting according to the client's preferences.

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Every event is a special experience, that's why every customer get's a personal offer starting from €1000.
I'm open for any crazy idea, with patience and love
I do everything to make each event
unique and unforgettable!


Heerlijckyt van Elsmeren

Heerlijckyt Van Elsmeren

Weg op Halen 2, 3450 Geetbets



Schildesteenweg 94, 2520 Ranst


Kerkweg 1,

3920 Lommel


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