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Light Sculpture - Transit festival 2022

DSC_0472 kopiëren.jpg

The forms of the sculptures are based on abstract movements of clouds and sea, or is it a transition from one to another? The two forms feel like they are moving towards each other and give something trough, they give light trough, the light of life, the light from heaven to earth (cloud to sea). Like God giving life to Adam as Michelangelo visualised. 

The light is a representation of our lives which interacts. It interacts based on the sounds of the festival. It represents our human interaction. The invisible impact we have on our surroundings. Maybe we human already made enough impact, maybe it's time to give a bit of light back. 

DSC_0484 kopiëren.jpg
DSC_0472 kopiëren.jpg
DSC_0522 kopiëren.jpg
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