set design - album release - live show - Kavka Antwerp 2021

Knalfestival Fringe - Batiment A
scenography of werktank archive - artistic concept - Leuven 2021

Pollution in the atmosphere shows us a different perspective of reality, it diffuses light. With a selection of Werktank’s archive Fleur Roggeman shows a scenographic piece where pollution is translated to the plastic sheets what is literally shown in space. The video archive fades more and more away due to distance and plastic.

The travel distance and angles of light are a fascinating aspect to her. How we preserve the world by how light touches our surroundings. If we manipulate light, we manipulate how we see. We shape a different image of the world. So with that in mind we can ask ourselves: what is reality?

set design + custom visuals - live show - Botanique Brussel 2021

Info Installation