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De berg die tot de hemel reikt 2021

~ The fundamental trust in the imaginary implausible ~

For this collaborative exhibition Pierre Corric invited every participating artist to read 'de berg die tot de hemel reikt' from Renee Daumal and make a wor out of it linked to the book.

The search for the mountain in the story of Daumal feels similar to our build-up to the event 'De berg die tot de hemel reikt’ in Leuven. One goal brought us together and that is to visualize installations and concepts that revolved around that one imaginary mountain. I felt, as in the story, I was along for the quest to see the imaginary become real.
The book also ended unexpectedly so they never made it to the mountain. They will search relentlessly for their mountain, just as I search for mine....

The idea of a 5m high installation felt kinda logic to me. I needed something that has the feeling to reach the sky, an object that forces the people to bend backwards and look at the clouds.

The transparency of the fabric combined with the hard metal provide an interesting duality. The metal stands more out and is more 'eye catching' than the fabric.

We don't have patience to look at the finer delicate things, just as in life. So we end up not seeing the mountain but only the structure that holds it, just as in the book.

Participating Artists

Pierre Coric
Anna Godzina
Ena Podgorac
Jade Kerremans
Leendert van Accoleyen
Lina Laraki

Realized by

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